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Armies Army

Friday, 20 December 2013

From Cold Bush War

What really interests me around the cold war were the sponsored battles being fought in the background. We had Afghanistan , Indonesia and also rather a lot in Africa. The Bush wars were often sponsored by one side or another  and included a vast amount of equipment if on a very small scale. We even have weird and wonderful vehicles and the first anti mine/IED vehicles.

With that in mind and the fact I am looking at the smaller wars, Ive had my first Bush War sculpt readied mostly to generate and judge the interest? Is it worth doing in other words?

Comments welcome :)



  1. Keith,

    I take it you are talking about 15mm figure here?

    I have long been waiting for a 15mm 1970-80 Bush Wars range to go with my Peter Pig South African vehicles. I tried using the PP '61 Mech' Israeli Infantry substitute idea but it didn't quite work for me. We need something like the typical bush kit with SLR type weapon, light kit, etc.

    ...I hope you do some....there is a gap in the range. They could double as Vietnam Aussies.


    Happy Wanderer

  2. Keith,

    do some proper SADF figures an I am in. I also like the teaser sculpt.

  3. Hi,
    Any updates on the Bush Wars range?


  4. Any updates i want to play a Cuban Army.

  5. Any updates i want to play a Cuban Army.