Armies Army

Armies Army

Wednesday, 21 September 2016

Special forces questions

Intel Gathering

A post on TMP came up asking if anyone created 15mm spetznas  which got me thinking on my small set of figure and wondering if I should expand a bit.

I guess they can be used for quite a varied time period due to the fact the weapons are still used today in some forces and are always good for post apoc wars etc.

One option is for me to run a very small kickstarter for them using not kickstarter but my own web plugin I have bought which allows me to create my own. It will help test my plugin and see how quickly see if people want them or not! Costs would be relatively minimal as would casting time as I can do this all myself now :)

What I would like to know are orbats for the spetnaz /Sas etc.



Thursday, 28 April 2016

Random pictures of the night......

I was having a little fun with my photos last night and came up with these pics

A mix of mostly Brits....probably on the hunt for the Spetsnaz and VDV on the loose!

Monday, 25 April 2016

Cold War Special forces Update and catch up!

Sorry , it seems I have neglected this blog for  a while, however with  kickstarter, facebooks 12 groups etc etc  I keep missing some!

So, to the update. Here are the latest Special forces figures for your viewing. Out by the end of next month when all my kick-start supporters should have theirs! :)

Now for a lot of catch up photos!

Chieftains, Spartans, btr-d, scorpion , FV432 and other bits!

All of which are in production and getting ready asap for delivery!

The Challenger is under print (good news!) Abbot ,UAZ, ZSU, SAAG, Nona, landrovers, Ferret are all in production as of tomorrow to!

More pictures later today!


Friday, 1 April 2016

Special forces - Stay Behinds, Recon , Covert Ops

If you like Special forces - Stay Behinds, Recon , Covert Ops

then Im hoping you will like these!

Spetnaz and SAS squads

The spetnaz 4 man team has 1 rpk, 1 Druganov , 2 AK's one with UGL. Also one is the radio operator

The SAS squad are armed with SLR's (needs barrel repair) M16's (one with UGL) 

Pretty cool for some of my  Red Sky White Light to!!!!

Which I add , had a great review at Miniature Wargames! (April 2015, it is in the Reece section.)

These will be available soon as my kickstarter has been delivered!


Monday, 14 March 2016

Tensions are rising

First steps of my new campaign.....

Somewhere in West Germany Tension is running high. Key strategic areas are being heavily patrolled as rumour of spetnaz operations within  increases.

Corporal Sullivan begins combat patrol 4333Sullivan  Call sign 33C 

Wednesday, 9 March 2016

The First Masters are up!

The master mould was picked up yesterday so I ran a quick spin or two.

Really pleased with the results. Detail is crisp and really really paints nicely! I managed to get this done in around 30 minutes

Not perfect, however I wanted to try them out!

The DPM needs a rethink. I went with a us chopper green - base (airbrush) and then painted over a flat blow, ochre yellow and black.

I think it needs to have yellow base , then green, then brown and then black

Ive this afternoon to try again :)


Wednesday, 24 February 2016

Kickstarter update - Online Kickstarter Shop

 ArmiesArmy Cold War British and VDV are now available on my online shop for around another 4 weeks. This is basically an extension of my kickstarter to allow my current supporters to make changes and also allow people whom missed it to be involved. I am well on time to deliver with production already started. Design work is 95% over with several physical models and sculpts already completed and in the production cycle. I also have to thank many of my supporters whom have helped identify changes which have gone into many of my models so they look more accurate and cooler than before :)

I met all of my stretch goals which included a healthy core of forces, which go into creating an Mechanised Infantry or Armoured company.

Some of those include the scimitar, scorpion, Challenger 1 MBT, FV 433, FV 438, Ferret, Spartan and the ‘peak’ turreted Fv432 . As for the Soviet Airborne VDV forces, we now have many support weapons, BTR-D , BTR-D SPAAG and the Nona S 120 mm mortar! A worthy force for any level of rules you wish to use :)

My kickstarter rewards and shipping applies exactly the same as my shop, so you’ll be getting all the same savings as my kickstarter shop. If may even include the odd unexpected extras If I generate enough funds for an additional stretchgoal. Air force anyone?

All 3d models can be seen on my sketchfab page sketchfab

For a link to my Kickstarter shop please follow the links via my shop

thanks for your support



Tuesday, 23 February 2016

Sqaddie time......

Just had a WIP shot of my latest British Greens

Here are the a few of them :)

They include some support weapons like the Carl Gustav, Radio Operator,  SMG and the GPMG

I rather like them :)

Thursday, 4 February 2016

Kickstarter is over!!!!!

A huge , huge , huge thank you to everyone in helping me get this adventure of the ground! Its been a real pleasure!

The hard work begins...well it already has!  The British sculpts are being finished, the VDV infantry masters are completed and being moved into production. The  BMD and ASU 85 are completed and under production and the majority of the 3d models have been finished and on the print queue! The FV432 has even been printed and awaits clean up and casting. Its all go and I am well and truly on track!
Again huge thanks to everyone whom has supported me :)

For those that missed the final days, do not fret. Ive a few options that you can use to make changes or add extra over the upcoming weeks

First option -
 Make your pledge and choose you mechanised platoon as reward (example) For the addons – take a look at the addon list and chose the one you would like. Note the weight. Then manage your pledge. You can type in the new value which covers the additional cost and the additional shipping cost. 
The extra shipping costs are UK - 50p per 250g up to maximum of £2.00 
 Europe - £1.25 per 250g 
 Rest of the World - £1.70 per 250 g 
So for example. 
You choose your British mechanised platoon reward at £35 
As an addon you choose an ASU 85 troop at £19 
You live in the Uk and the extra weight is 190g. This is 50p for shipping. (50p per 250g) 
So the total you modify your pledge for is 35 + 19 + 50 = £54.50 
You will be surveyed at the close to verify 
Option Two 
I will open a section of my shop for an additional 4-6 weeks with all rewards and addons with the kickstarter price and terms. 
You can simply finish the kickstarter with just your reward as per normal and then use my shop to purchase addons. 
When a kickstarter finishes you can make ‘no’ changes so by giving you access to an area of my online shop Ill allow you to continue to add as you see fit. You will be charged as per my normal shop via paypal (or cheque in the post) for any new items you may choose. 
Option Three For people whom purchased addons in addition to their reward. I will also allow access to my online shop page. You will be allowed to add to your forces using my shop. For example you decide that you may want to add a GPMG section and a challenger troop. The shop will have all of my kickstarter discounts for you and any items will be charged via my paypal shop.
Option Four
 For People whom have added an additional amount for a reward. Ill provide you with a voucher to use on my shop instead, honouring that amount. So if you pledge £200 on kickstarter Ill give you a voucher to that amount.  You can then decide what you would like later :)
I really hope I am not confusing people with these options! Just trying to give more so people can do what is  best for them :)


Wednesday, 3 February 2016

final 24 hours!!!!!

I am into the final 24 hours!!!!

Get your addons and options in please: )

As reward.....

Here is the WIP for the Challenger 1!

or in 3d if you prefer

Thanks all!!!


Monday, 1 February 2016

BTR-D ....reached!

Great news all!

The BTR-D and the 2S9 Nona has been reached! A welcome uplift in power for the VDV forces!!!

or you can see the 3d model here

It just needs three additional hatches to be added

and then the turret for the Nona mortar



Thursday, 28 January 2016

New VDV troops :)

New troops for the Soviet VDV :)

Added to the addon section as part of my kickstarter campaign!

Saturday, 23 January 2016

Cold War Spetnaz Artwork

Spetnaz artwork for my stretch goal

The 4 man unit will consist of a mix of troops with this look

Ill follow with with some SAS sketches

Looking for an artwork style  for myself and Jasons Ram Company Games  supplements :)

I think  i like it


Wednesday, 20 January 2016

ArmiesArmy Kickstarter HalfWay Update!

Hello from ArmiesArmy!

First up a huge thank you to all the people who have supported me so far, I am happy to say it’s been a huge success! As it is I reached my goal within 12 hours and have reached all my stretch goals and I am now nearly reaching the second set I have added! We are just a little off completing the Special Forces 4 man troops and Ferret armoured car!

What has surprised me more is the interest the Soviet VDV forces and so I've added up some additional stretch goals for more VDV options! These include variants for the BTR-D such as the BTR-D SPAAG and 2S9 Nona-S 120mm which many have asked for. I've also added the British Army Spartan as these have been the second largest requests I've had :)

As of today you have all helped me reach my main goal of FV432, Chieftain MBT, British Infantry and VDV Infantry support and the following stretch goals

>>>>>>Reached!!!       British 2 man Sniper Team, VDV sniper team 
>>>>>>Reached!!!       British Sustained Fire GPMG team, VDV ALG team
>>>>>>Reached!!!       British Milan ATGM team and VDV Sagger  team
>>>>>>Reached!!!       British Air to Air BlowPipe Team and Manpad/ZSU-23-2
>>>>>>Reached!!!       Set of Stowage for that 'in the field' look
>>>>>>Reached!!!        Landrover and UAZ 469 
>>>>>>Reached!!!        Scimitar and Scorpion Armoured Recce Vehicle 
>>>>>>Reached!!!       Challenger 1 MBT
>>>>>>Reached!!!       FV433 Abbot SPG
>>>>>>Reached!!!       FV432 81mm Mortar Carrier
>>>>>>Reached!!!        FV438 SwingFire

>>>>>>>>£6000          4 man SAS Troop, 4 man Spetnaz 
>>>>>>>>£6700           Ferret Armoured Car
>>>>>>>>£7200          VDV BTR-D
>>>>>>>>£7500          VDV 2S9 Nona-S 120mm 
>>>>>>>>£8000          VDV BTR-D SPAAG
>>>>>>>>£8500          Spartan FV

I am currently half way through the campaign and would dearly like to reach all of my goals I have set. Please find all of this information and more at the my kickstarter page

I am well on track and have already begun the production process with many of the VDV items completed :)

Please have pass the word, it would be Brilliant if we reach the goals :)