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Armies Army

Tuesday, 19 November 2013

A cold war project......and why

So why….
Basically as well as future war I am also very interested in the modern wars. I'm still a “what if” type of guy so I think the 'Cold war' era really fits well. The cold war has some great miniatures and vehicles from the likes of QRF, however I am thinking that I would like to focus on some different scenarios such as Northern NATO forces, Swedes, Finish, Winter Soviets etc.
I’m also rather fascinated by the ‘side shows’ mostly around Afghanistan and the Africa Bush wars…insurgency /counter insurgency type of battles. These also have a vast array of unusual vehicles and a real mixture of force types and weapons.
To begin with I started on some very generic sculpts based around the 80’s. They are a US Infantryman and a Soviet Infantryman. I am using these as reference and for scaling. They are akin in size to Rebel Minis modern Americans. They are also sculpted by Matin Baker.  I also will have a South African Border War ‘Bush war’ infantry trooper over the next few days.
Basically I’m trying to work out what to concentrate on! First something I’m interested and secondly something that people want!
I’m also looking for people to help provide feedback on weapons, vehicles uniforms, scenarios so if you’d like to volunteer and you have a google groups+ account I can add you to the groups and more information. I only ask that you provide feedback and keep all of the information amongst your selves until I release it.

This is just the begining! :)