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Armies Army

Monday, 26 October 2015

ASU - 85

A rather nifty little  Авиадесантная самоходная установка, АСУ-85,Aviadesantnaya Samokhodnaya Ustanovka or  ASU-85 to us :)

This is the master version of the model with metal components. The resin castings will be ready in around 2 weeks and ready for immediate sale after that.

The BMD-1 will also be ready for sales.

In addition the Infantry dollies are heading back to the sculptor to finish off :)

All go at ArmiesArmy HQ comrades :)

Wednesday, 21 October 2015

Cold War ' Hot Metal' .........the BMD 1

Hello from ArmiesArmy HQ!

Hot "literally" off the press is the first master casting of the VDI BMD 1.  Its missing its hatches (which can be deployed open or closed and its options of ATGM.   It really looking impressive and will go into production moulds next week, ready at the following weekend for sale. I also hope to have the ASU-85 ready as I've also got the master metal casting completed. The hull (which will be resin) is also off to the resin caster.

Ill be  painting one or two of these up and shipping some for pro painting over the next day or two. Possibly...this evening as I cant wait :)


the infantry dollies were dropped off for casting today to :)



Friday, 16 October 2015

Cold War Dollies.....

In no particular order....

Here are my latest dollies


 warsaw Pact
 US Marines
I really am very pleased with these!
They will allow me to start churning through the infantry quickly :)



Wednesday, 14 October 2015

cold war infantry upcdate

Hello from ArmiesArmy HQ

Just thought Id let you know the latest news on my cold war line and share some 'pictures'

As I mentioned I am creating a number of dollies which will allow me to master mould in  metal and then use as bases for churning out a number of troop types. are a few pictures of the dollies which are heading to the master mold maker. These include Sov and Nato  dollies

Also included in the  dollies are a number of appropriate weapons which will be used and a number of heads'helmets.

On the vehicles I also have the BDM and ASU-85 heading to the master mould maker and I hope to show copies next week. I may end up going with an all metal casting for the BDM due to the size of it and then its all in my own control and it keeps cost lower.

Hope you like them. Ill be posting pictures of the heads and weapons up over the next couple of days




Here is a picture for size comparisons. That is an excellent Forged in Battle WW2 figure. They are very much the same scale and size as FOW figures


Is that a Norwegian helmet......