Armies Army

Armies Army

Friday, 1 April 2016

Special forces - Stay Behinds, Recon , Covert Ops

If you like Special forces - Stay Behinds, Recon , Covert Ops

then Im hoping you will like these!

Spetnaz and SAS squads

The spetnaz 4 man team has 1 rpk, 1 Druganov , 2 AK's one with UGL. Also one is the radio operator

The SAS squad are armed with SLR's (needs barrel repair) M16's (one with UGL) 

Pretty cool for some of my  Red Sky White Light to!!!!

Which I add , had a great review at Miniature Wargames! (April 2015, it is in the Reece section.)

These will be available soon as my kickstarter has been delivered!


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  1. Very nice.
    Looking forward to seeing these in the flesh.