Armies Army

Armies Army

Monday, 25 April 2016

Cold War Special forces Update and catch up!

Sorry , it seems I have neglected this blog for  a while, however with  kickstarter, facebooks 12 groups etc etc  I keep missing some!

So, to the update. Here are the latest Special forces figures for your viewing. Out by the end of next month when all my kick-start supporters should have theirs! :)

Now for a lot of catch up photos!

Chieftains, Spartans, btr-d, scorpion , FV432 and other bits!

All of which are in production and getting ready asap for delivery!

The Challenger is under print (good news!) Abbot ,UAZ, ZSU, SAAG, Nona, landrovers, Ferret are all in production as of tomorrow to!

More pictures later today!


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