Armies Army

Armies Army

Wednesday, 30 September 2015

VDV Dropped in.....

The VDV dropped in early this morning at ArmiesArmy HQ.  Fantastic turn around time and briliant prints from the infamous Bill Braune. Top work..

the photos really do not do this justice!

I bring to you the BMD-1 and ASU 85

To scale my infantry Ive posted up some pictures of a comparison between FOW ww2 figure and QRF moderns figure. My infantry being sculpted will represent the same scale size. The dollies are currently being finished so I can cast them up. This should enable me to quickly push out multiple uniforms for both Soviet and NATO forces :)
AK's , M16s, SLRs and G3's are being modelled also :)

Saturday, 26 September 2015

FV 432 finished - Trialling a new hatch system

Hello from ArmiesArmy Cold War HQ !

This probably isnt particularly interesting to many , however Ive been pondering around hatches on my vehicles. Normally i just create a hole and then a separate hatch part however this can be rather fiddly to assemble with more super glue on me then the hatch itself!
with that in mind my Sculptor friend SirFjodin has come up with  a very neat and simple method to address it.

The plug hatch as I'm calling it...yes...yes I'm calling it that. So the very first vehicle which will have this is the new FV 432 APC.

And this is it!
So rather then super glue hell you simply put the plug into the hole. You'll get both options. I'm going to work on something similar for the rear hatch also which will alow crew or mortars :)

Thursday, 24 September 2015

Cold War VDV update

I've some rather good news :)

Are on the way to ArmiesArmy HQ

The vehicles will then be off to the metal and resin mold makers for market. I estimate around 4 weeks to get these bad boys out. If the following wind prevails Ill also be close with my Soviet VDV infantry. This might take longer as I've some infantry and weapons dollies (allows me many different sov like forces to be quickly spun up) to be mastered and sent back for assembly and finishing off. The great Martin Baker is on the case though :)

More news as I get it :)


Monday, 14 September 2015

Soviet Truck Transport...... up next

The GAZ 66

Troop carrier to the masses. Apparently went anywhere and worked every  time. Particularly unfussy in the fuel quality it used!

Friday, 11 September 2015

FV 432 - Mk 2 update


I've had quite a few questions around the FV432, in particular around the NBC system....So to answer these I thought id render a picture of it. A picture and something about a thousand word.....?:)

As you can see the NBC is raised on the outside of the hull dictating the MK 2. I will however also create a MK2/1 version (a very popular in term of production) which is simply a flat plate as the mechanism was internal. Both options will be available :)


Thursday, 10 September 2015

Next up - The Norwegians

Clearly I'm a little fascinated with the Cold war Northern Flank and to be fair...plenty of options are already there for Central Europe including my take on it with my Brits amongst others and with the gathering momentum of FOW going Cold war I can actually look back at starting up my Norwegians which was put on hold over a year ago as I doubted interest.
Well Ive decided to get back on them!

So here are the first renders!

The NM 135 - NM 116 and the leopard 1 !

I'm rather happy to reintroduce them after some time in the dark :)

comments welcome


Tuesday, 8 September 2015

Cold War Update......Here come the Brits......

and my favourites...

Here comes the British Army !

Im starting with the venerable FV432 MK II with options. These will include standard APC, 'Peak Turreted' version and Mortar

As for heavier armour the chieftain is my MBT.

The infantry dollies are also being worked on for both Brits and Sov VDV, which will help me build up more forces quicker and more efficiently:) 

comments welcome :)