Armies Army

Armies Army

Tuesday, 8 September 2015

Cold War Update......Here come the Brits......

and my favourites...

Here comes the British Army !

Im starting with the venerable FV432 MK II with options. These will include standard APC, 'Peak Turreted' version and Mortar

As for heavier armour the chieftain is my MBT.

The infantry dollies are also being worked on for both Brits and Sov VDV, which will help me build up more forces quicker and more efficiently:) 

comments welcome :)



  1. Ooo... Really interested to see the chieftan, will be the start of my Iranians!

  2. Looking good! Be good if the infantry sculpts are as impressive...
    15mm Cold War Brit infantry figures are like buses - nothing for years, then all of a sudden QRF, Keith, and probably Battlefront are all over them like a cheap suit - I wonder why?!