Armies Army

Armies Army

Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Fast on the legs of the others.....M113

Just behind the finalisation of the BMD remasters and the NM116 I bring to you the M113!

This variant A1 was used by many of the Armies I intend to cover and is an excellent building block for many variants including the NM-135/142, which I add are near finish!

As usual Top of the class for SirFjodin! Another great master!

Get well soon SirFjodin :)

Ill soon release the 'release plan' as to when and how these beauties will be available. It will either be a kickstarter or  a kickstart inspired 'ArmiesArmy Funding' which will take advantage of the 60 Day PayPal returns policy. Ill basically have an amount that makes the project viable. If I don't reach it (clearly not viable) Ill return all funds and try another force.

Ill be working on this during my week away on Business.

comments and feedback on variants welcome :)


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