Armies Army

Armies Army

Wednesday, 13 January 2016

Cold War has gone very very hot!

That is I've now reached my goal all of my first set of stretch goals and now nearly all of the second set I've added! I've raised £5500!!!!

So what does that mean! Well it means I can offer the the British Chieftain, FV432, Infantry, VDV infantry and all these other goodies!

>>>>>>>>>> £2700 TARGET REACHED!!!!!

>>>>>>Reached!!!       British 2 man Sniper Team, VDV sniper team 
>>>>>>Reached!!!       British Sustained Fire GPMG team, VDV ALG team
>>>>>>Reached!!!       British Milan ATGM team and VDV Sagger  team
>>>>>>Reached!!!       British Air to Air BlowPipe Team and ZSU-23-2
>>>>>>Reached!!!       Set of Stowage for that 'in the field' look
>>>>>>Reached!!!        Landrover and UAZ 469 
>>>>>>Reached!!!       Scimitar / Scorpion Armoured Recce Vehicle 
>>>>>>Reached!!!          Challenger 1 MBT
>>>>>>Reached!!!          FV433 Abbot SPG
>>>>>>>Reached!!!         FV432 81mm Mortar Carrier
>>>>>>Reached!!!         FV438 SwingFire
>>>>>>>>£6000            4 man SAS Troop , 4 man Spetnaz 
>>>>>>>>£6700        Fox Armoured Car

Next up the SAS and Spetnaz 4 man teams!!!

Here is a peak of all of the vehicles currently rendered

and some of the stuff already in the making

So big thank your to everyone so far! Much appreciated!

Here's to a new cold war :)


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