Armies Army

Armies Army

Tuesday, 25 August 2015

Cold War.....,first up! Soviet early 80's VDV airborne

Right then first up

Sob VDV troops! Why.....? Well I love them. Paras full stop in fact! These will be 15mm scale and available in the next 6 weeks. The models are being printed and the figures sculpted as we speak :)

They will be the first on a new line of figures  known as Cold War Operation Frostbite   :) 
The name ......we'll it sort of gives the slant I'm putting on it:)

If succesfull this will be quickly followed by another range ...under wraps for now, until I've some more models ready. I've the APC ready, MBT and recon on the go and figure research in full swing!

I've also got rather lot of other ideas on the go!



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  1. So are these a go? Please keep me informed I'm all over these!