Armies Army

Armies Army

Thursday, 4 February 2016

Kickstarter is over!!!!!

A huge , huge , huge thank you to everyone in helping me get this adventure of the ground! Its been a real pleasure!

The hard work begins...well it already has!  The British sculpts are being finished, the VDV infantry masters are completed and being moved into production. The  BMD and ASU 85 are completed and under production and the majority of the 3d models have been finished and on the print queue! The FV432 has even been printed and awaits clean up and casting. Its all go and I am well and truly on track!
Again huge thanks to everyone whom has supported me :)

For those that missed the final days, do not fret. Ive a few options that you can use to make changes or add extra over the upcoming weeks

First option -
 Make your pledge and choose you mechanised platoon as reward (example) For the addons – take a look at the addon list and chose the one you would like. Note the weight. Then manage your pledge. You can type in the new value which covers the additional cost and the additional shipping cost. 
The extra shipping costs are UK - 50p per 250g up to maximum of £2.00 
 Europe - £1.25 per 250g 
 Rest of the World - £1.70 per 250 g 
So for example. 
You choose your British mechanised platoon reward at £35 
As an addon you choose an ASU 85 troop at £19 
You live in the Uk and the extra weight is 190g. This is 50p for shipping. (50p per 250g) 
So the total you modify your pledge for is 35 + 19 + 50 = £54.50 
You will be surveyed at the close to verify 
Option Two 
I will open a section of my shop for an additional 4-6 weeks with all rewards and addons with the kickstarter price and terms. 
You can simply finish the kickstarter with just your reward as per normal and then use my shop to purchase addons. 
When a kickstarter finishes you can make ‘no’ changes so by giving you access to an area of my online shop Ill allow you to continue to add as you see fit. You will be charged as per my normal shop via paypal (or cheque in the post) for any new items you may choose. 
Option Three For people whom purchased addons in addition to their reward. I will also allow access to my online shop page. You will be allowed to add to your forces using my shop. For example you decide that you may want to add a GPMG section and a challenger troop. The shop will have all of my kickstarter discounts for you and any items will be charged via my paypal shop.
Option Four
 For People whom have added an additional amount for a reward. Ill provide you with a voucher to use on my shop instead, honouring that amount. So if you pledge £200 on kickstarter Ill give you a voucher to that amount.  You can then decide what you would like later :)
I really hope I am not confusing people with these options! Just trying to give more so people can do what is  best for them :)


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