Armies Army

Armies Army

Wednesday, 24 February 2016

Kickstarter update - Online Kickstarter Shop

 ArmiesArmy Cold War British and VDV are now available on my online shop for around another 4 weeks. This is basically an extension of my kickstarter to allow my current supporters to make changes and also allow people whom missed it to be involved. I am well on time to deliver with production already started. Design work is 95% over with several physical models and sculpts already completed and in the production cycle. I also have to thank many of my supporters whom have helped identify changes which have gone into many of my models so they look more accurate and cooler than before :)

I met all of my stretch goals which included a healthy core of forces, which go into creating an Mechanised Infantry or Armoured company.

Some of those include the scimitar, scorpion, Challenger 1 MBT, FV 433, FV 438, Ferret, Spartan and the ‘peak’ turreted Fv432 . As for the Soviet Airborne VDV forces, we now have many support weapons, BTR-D , BTR-D SPAAG and the Nona S 120 mm mortar! A worthy force for any level of rules you wish to use :)

My kickstarter rewards and shipping applies exactly the same as my shop, so you’ll be getting all the same savings as my kickstarter shop. If may even include the odd unexpected extras If I generate enough funds for an additional stretchgoal. Air force anyone?

All 3d models can be seen on my sketchfab page sketchfab

For a link to my Kickstarter shop please follow the links via my shop

thanks for your support



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