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Saturday, 26 September 2015

FV 432 finished - Trialling a new hatch system

Hello from ArmiesArmy Cold War HQ !

This probably isnt particularly interesting to many , however Ive been pondering around hatches on my vehicles. Normally i just create a hole and then a separate hatch part however this can be rather fiddly to assemble with more super glue on me then the hatch itself!
with that in mind my Sculptor friend SirFjodin has come up with  a very neat and simple method to address it.

The plug hatch as I'm calling it...yes...yes I'm calling it that. So the very first vehicle which will have this is the new FV 432 APC.

And this is it!
So rather then super glue hell you simply put the plug into the hole. You'll get both options. I'm going to work on something similar for the rear hatch also which will alow crew or mortars :)

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  1. What a great idea.....for your figs with mortar's and wombats you could put them on a plug as well...just a idea for the back hatch