Armies Army

Armies Army

Thursday, 24 September 2015

Cold War VDV update

I've some rather good news :)

Are on the way to ArmiesArmy HQ

The vehicles will then be off to the metal and resin mold makers for market. I estimate around 4 weeks to get these bad boys out. If the following wind prevails Ill also be close with my Soviet VDV infantry. This might take longer as I've some infantry and weapons dollies (allows me many different sov like forces to be quickly spun up) to be mastered and sent back for assembly and finishing off. The great Martin Baker is on the case though :)

More news as I get it :)



  1. Majorly stoked for these! Any pictures of the infantry?

  2. Not yet

    Im working on the dollies at the moment

  3. So looking forward to BAOR infantry. The existing pickings in 15mm are very slim.